Rosary Catholic Primary School

Rosary Catholic Primary School
Rosary Catholic Primary School

“Very exciting... you have fun here!”
- Alejandro

“We respect each other like a family”
- Megan

“Coming here will give you a good education is an amazing school”
- Charlotte

“The Rosary School is a fantastic place... It's a peaceful paradise for learning”
- Laurance

“When I joined in Y1 everyone was accepting and made me feel welcome”
- Abraham

“I don't want to leave because of the great memories I have made here”
- Hannah

“Everyone treats each other like an equal”
- Grace

“We are like one big family, who achieve the best!”
- Toby

“ achieve high levels and get lots of support”
- Findlay

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Latest Government Information about Schools and COVID-19


The Government wants to get all children back into education as soon as the scientific advice allows because it is the best place for them to learn, and because it is good for children's mental well-being to have social interactions with other children and teaching staff.

It is suggested that schools may be able to re-open for more children from the week commencing 1 June, starting with Y6 pupils and Reception and Year 1. This will only happen if the 5 key tests set by government justify the changes at the time, including that the rate of infection is decreasing . As a result, schools are being asked to plan on this basis, ahead of confirmation that these tests are met.

What does the latest scientific advice say?

The Government claim to have been guided by scientific advice at every stage. The latest scientific advice to the government is that:

 * there is high scientific confidence that children of all ages have less severe symptoms than adults if they contract coronavirus and there is moderately high scientific confidence that younger children are less likely to become unwell if infected with coronavirus

 * limiting the numbers of children going back to school and college initially then gradually increasing numbers, guided by scientific advice, reduces risk of increasing the rate of transmission

 * schools and other settings can make changes to how they are organised and put measures in place to reduce risks

Schools have been advised that they should consider taking the following steps:

 * limiting the amount of contact between different groups of children (such as smaller class sizes with children and staff spread out more)

 * taking additional protective measures, such as increased cleaning and encouraging good hand and respiratory hygiene


I have discussed this latest advice from the Government with my School Leadership Team and Governors. Our priority is the health, safety and well-being of all our children and their families. The Governors and I also have a duty of care towards the staff. It is our responsibility to consider the risks and put in place appropriate measures to minimise them, as far as possible. However, having been in school the past 5 weeks with just the small number of children who have been in, I have these observations to make: the risk of transmission of COVID-19 is relatively low, with good hygiene practice; enforcing social distancing with young children is going to be almost impossible!   

Parents and Carers will have the right to make up their own minds on the safety of their children coming back to school. Please do not worry about this-we will not be issuing fines to parents who choose not to send their children to school.

In the next Newsletter there will be a link to a questionnaire for parents and carers to complete. In order to plan for the possible re-opening of the school after half term, we need to 'hear' the views of parents. It will be important to know how many parents and carers would want or need to send their children to school and which classes they are in, also, what concerns parents and carers may have about sending their children back to school. Please read the Newsletter and use the link to complete the survey as soon as possible.

Kind regards,


Mrs Savory