Rosary Catholic Primary School

Rosary Catholic Primary School
Rosary Catholic Primary School

“Very exciting... you have fun here!”
- Alejandro

“We respect each other like a family”
- Megan

“Coming here will give you a good education is an amazing school”
- Charlotte

“The Rosary School is a fantastic place... It's a peaceful paradise for learning”
- Laurance

“When I joined in Y1 everyone was accepting and made me feel welcome”
- Abraham

“I don't want to leave because of the great memories I have made here”
- Hannah

“Everyone treats each other like an equal”
- Grace

“We are like one big family, who achieve the best!”
- Toby

“ achieve high levels and get lots of support”
- Findlay

Life at Rosary Catholic Primary School Life at Rosary Catholic Primary School Life at Rosary Catholic Primary School


Poppy Appeal (4 images)

Items available for Poppy Appeal 2020

Year 3 P.E. with Mr Woodall (5 images)

Easter Hats (15 images)

Entries for the Easter Hat Competition, judged by residents of Resthaven Nursing Home Easter 2020

Musicat Visit 1 (5 images)

Year 3 Stonehenge (16 images)

Year 5 Earth and Beyond Homework Tasks (33 images)

Have a look at some of the space themed tasks children have been doing for their homework...

Year 5 trip to We The Curious (36 images)

We visited We the Curious. Whilst we were there, we participated in a workshop where we looked at life in space and also visited the planetarium.

Interhouse Art Competition (19 images)

Look at all the fantastic entries we had for our Autumn half term interhouse art competition.

Music (6 images)

We have been exploring The Planets Suite written and composed by Gustav Holst.

The Planets (8 images)

We created scale models of the solar system to see how far away the planets were from the sun.

3D Planets (19 images)

We have created 3D planets using paper Mache and paint.

What is a year? (5 images)

We created a diagram on the school playground and were the planets orbiting the sun.

The Power of One-Anti-bullying Week 2017 (14 images)

Photos taken during the two Anti-bullying Workshops on 8th November 2017

Our New Playground (17 images)

Gardening Club vegetable crop (3 images)

First Holy Communion 2017 (12 images)

Year 5 Valley Scenes (24 images)

We created valley scenes using mod rock and used them to create animations of the water cycle.

Interhouse Choir 2017 (2 images)

Year 5 snowball investigation (23 images)

Year 5 trip to @Bristol (128 images)

Infant Nativity Dec 2016 (19 images)

YR Autumn Term 2016 (48 images)

We have been making new friends and enjoying school.

YR Our First Forest School Session (22 images)

Remembrance YR walk to Park Gardens (20 images)

In October 1927, ten years after the death of his only son in the war Sidney Park gave Park Gardens to the people of Stroud as a memorial to those who died. He expressed his hope that young and old in years to come would enjoy health, rest, pleasure and enjoyment from visiting the gardens.

Y5 reading their suspense stories to Y1 (17 images)

Eco Theatre Assembly 12-10-16 (8 images)

Chaplaincy Team Commissioning 2016 (6 images)

Chaplaincy Team Commissioning by Bishop Declan in Clifton Cathedral- October 2016

Year 5 - what is a year? (11 images)

We created a model on the school playground to represent how the planets move around the sun. We discussed how this relates to a 'year' on each planet.

Year 5 3D planets (21 images)

We have been busy creating 3D planets using paper mache and paint.

Air Ambulance Arrives! (12 images)

Tour of Britain 2016 (5 images)

Year 5 Scale Model of Solar System (24 images)

We looked at the distance of each planet from the sun and created a scaled model.

District Sports 2016 (5 images)

Sports Day 2016 (73 images)

Year 5 Trip to the Black Country Museum (51 images)

Trip to Weston 2016 (123 images)

First Holy Communion -19th June 2016 (17 images)

Rosary School Garden Party- 17th June 2016 (2 images)

Garden Party 2016 (7 images)

Well done to Gardening club, Mrs WIlson and Mrs Whythe for putting together this lovely event! Thank you to Cannon Tom for blessing our tree before helping Mrs Whythe to plant it. Here are a few photos showing the planting of a tree to commemorate the Queens 90th Birthday. Thank you to all who came along to support this event! Even the rain stayed away!

Y6 Leavers' Mass 2016 (2 images)

Y4 Rainforest Dioramas (22 images)

All the fantastic rainforest dioramas which the children created over half term. They are amazing! Well Done!!

Year 2 Forest School 2015-16 (93 images)

Archery (11 images)

PGL Liddington (62 images)

Year 5 planting wild flowers (21 images)

Year 5 were very busy last week preparing the ground for the wild flowers. (Thanks to year 4 and 6 for your help too!) On Friday, we planted the seeds.

Y2 Trip (95 images)

Year 1 fruit kebabs (29 images)

On Thursday 5th May the children made their own fruit kebabs using a design they had earlier created. We used different cutting skills and had a wonderful time. They particularly enjoyed eating them afterwards.

Welsh Two Peaks Challenge (1 images)

Year 2 2015-16 (11 images)

Valley Scenes (22 images)

We created valley scenes using mod rock and a range of painting techniques. We then used stop-animation to tell the story of the water cycle.

French Weather Forecasts (33 images)

In French, we created and performed weather forecasts in groups. We had to explain when, where and what the weather was like.

Y3/Y4 football (1 images)

Year 5 Science Experiment (24 images)

Last week, we were faced with a challenge! We had to find out the best angle to shoot water furthest across a pond. Our experiments proved this was somewhere between 25 and 35 degrees. We also went on to explore and find the fairest way of getting water droplets to travel - some children used hands and others their feet.

Year 5 - Back at Forest School (29 images)

Last week, we started back at forest school and began exploring the site looking for changes. We then moved onto a new site (on the school field) and began to tidy, create space to sit, a den and even room for a fire!

Year 5 River Journey Story Telling and Drama (43 images)

This week, we have learnt the 'River Story'. Children created story boards and retold the story. They then created dramas trying to incorporate the 5 senses.

Year 5 Creative Writing Workshop (44 images)

This afternoon, we welcomed English teachers from St Peters into school. They ran a creative writing workshop using 'Alice in Wonderland' as the focal text. Linked to this, the children took part in drama, reading and writing activities.

Year 5 creating scaled rivers (14 images)

Infant Nativity Play 2015 (14 images)

The Great Y6 Christmas Cake Bake and Decorate (23 images)

St.Laurence's Christmas Tree Festival (18 images)

Today YR walked up the hill, through town to visit St. Laurence's Church Christmas Tree Festival. Thank you Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Wythe for inviting us and parishioners for welcoming us. We listened to poetry, looked at the beautifully decorated trees and thought about our hopes and wishes before saying a prayer.

Year 5 trip to At Bristol (80 images)

During the day, we took part in a workshop looking at the sun, moon and Earth, visited the planetarium and explored the museum.

Year 5 Lantern making (85 images)

In preparation for the Good Will Evening in Stroud, we have been creating Space themed lanterns to carry during the parade.

Year 5 Forest School - a few more pictures! (23 images)

Week 8 year 1 forest school (43 images)

Children in Need Super Heroes (12 images)

Week seven forest schools year 1 (48 images)

Learning New Skills (6 images)

In PE today we learnt how to use playground equipment and improved our skills for skipping, football, hopscotch and hula hoops.

Week 6 forest schools year 1 (43 images)

Making instruments at Forest School (41 images)

Linked to our work in our Music sessions, we created musical instruments at Forest School. Children made a range of instruments including drums, guitars, wind chimes and a xylophone.

Year 6 (14 images)

Year 6 designed and built a cross at Forest School today. They added ivy and poppies ready for Rememberance Day. Think you might agree with me that it looks amazing. It certainly brought a tear to my eye. Well done year 6.

Stroud Half Marathon (2 images)

Arts festival choirs and competition winners (13 images)

Year 1 trip to All things wild (140 images)

Year 5 sharing their 'Space' stories with Year 1 (33 images)

The big photo stick on the field (38 images)

Week 5 forest schools year 1 (65 images)

Music (19 images)

We have been exploring the 'Planets Suite' created by Gustav Holst. Using the piece inspired by Mars, we have created our own ostinato rhythm and performed them to the rest of the class.

Year 5 forest school (22 images)

mud ans sticks make great planets!!!

Year 6 forest school sessions (77 images)

Air raid shelters and Lest we forget design by Tahneel.

Year 4 forest school (47 images)

Preparing for Viking Invasion

Forest School September & October (30 images)

Week 4 Forest Schools Year 1 (78 images)

Year 5 Forest School Session 2 and 3 (83 images)

We have been busy making planets using a range of materials.

Place Value Games (22 images)

To end our maths unit, we practiced and applied our skills by playing a number of different games.

Year 4 so far.. (33 images)

A few pics of what we have been up to so far starting with some nature painting followed by some paper weaving and tasting pancakes and maple syrup during Rugby World Cup week. They deserved it after all their great research that week!

Week three forest schools. Year 1 (56 images)

YR Rugby World Cup Week (10 images)

We have been learning new skills in PE this week. We have been practising passing, throwing, catching, kicking and we played a game of scarf tag. The winners catch the most scarves.

year 5 forest school (62 images)

Year 5 having fun building space shuttles in preparation for an alien invasion.

Year 4 Forest School (123 images)

These are some of the things we have been doing over the last few weeks. Building shelters in preparation for the Viking invasion before a visit from the fox stopped the session.

Forest School week two (60 images)

Year 4 Forest school (14 images)

What Year 4 have been achieving and discovering in Forest School.

Year 5 Forest School Session 1 (57 images)

We had fun exploring the grounds, creating art, telling stories and rolling down the hill.

3D planets (13 images)

We have created 3D planets, using paper-mache and paint, to hang across our classroom. We thought carefully about the size and colour of each planet.

Forest school week one (49 images)

INSET Staff Team Building (8 images)

Busy learning as usual in YR 14th and 15th July 2015 (6 images)

Two very busy days in our last week. We walked to the swimming pool for our swimming lesson and after snack we wrote thank you letters for our swimming teachers. Outdoors, we made a counting game using the number mats, joined in a treasure hunt challenge with Mrs. Cave, compared and measured the capacity of containers in the sand and developed our role play garage. We took time to review photographs of our year in YR and talk about what we have learned by sharing our learning journeys with our teachers and friends.

First days at school (23 images)

We have been very busy playing with our new friends.

Scale Model of our Solar System (15 images)

St. Laurence Flower Festival (2 images)

YR Expedition into Stratford Park July 8th 2015 (75 images)

Today we explored the park away from the paths, through the woodland trails and the oak meadows.

Year 2 Forest School (56 images)

Forest School session with year 6 (32 images)

District Sports (7 images)

Sports Day (118 images)

Stroud in Bloom Wild Flower Border 2015 (28 images)

images of the flowers in bloom in our beautiful wild flower border. Thanks to Y6 and Stroud in Bloom for all their hard work. Thank you letters by Reception Class.

Bee Assembly (18 images)

Andy and Avril Evans' visit to the Rosary School to tell the children about the importance of bees. Thank you letters by Reception Class.

Year 1's Trip to Weston (129 images)

We had an amazing day at the beach!

Y6 Leavers' Mass 2015 (27 images)

All Things Wild (93 images)

Judo (31 images)

Judo (28 images)

Garden Party (12 images)

Sponsored Silence (3 images)

Multiskills & Redwood Woods trip (71 images)

Our visit to the church to look at the stations of the cross (13 images)

Visit from a veterinary nurse (12 images)

First Holy Communion 2015 (15 images)

Victorian Games (50 images)

Year 6 Morfa Bay Residential 2015 (142 images)

Visit to Stroud Fire Station (28 images)

Y4 Quadathlon at Stratford Park (5 images)

P.E. (23 images)

Gymnastics Semi -Finals (5 images)

Year 3 pupils successfully competed in the semi-finals of Gymnastics. Coming joint 1st on the day and 2nd overall. This puts us in the county final which will take place in GL1. Well done all who took part!

Diwali (51 images)

Some pictures from our Diwali week and the good will parade which lots of the children participated in.

Y3 Bits n Bobs from the year (31 images)

Some pictures of other learning we have been doing during our time in Y3

African Drumming (16 images)

We had an amazing time with Allan from Drumtakaboom learning some African songs and playing on traditional African drums!

Year 3 Caerleon Museum (36 images)

Photos from our exciting trip to the Roman Legion Museum in Caerleon

Solar eclipse (5 images)

Can you see any difference in the shadows?

DT Fruit Kebabs (46 images)

Year 6 Christmas cakes (15 images)

Year 6 Gallery (43 images)

A collection of photos from Year 6

Year 2 continued..... (36 images)

Cadbury World (10 images)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Freeze-frames (7 images)

Year 4 Tudor Trail Trip (77 images)

Year 1 Spring term 2015 (60 images)

CAFOD Coin Art (53 images)

Outdoor maths lesson (19 images)

Bubble Bath Experiment (12 images)

Stratford Park March 2015 (15 images)

Today we went for a walk to the park. We enjoyed playing on the new play equipment in the park. Thank you to all the parents and helpers who helped to keep us safe on our walk.

YR Big Bird Watch (20 images)

Reception Class are taking part in the RSPB Big Schools Bird Watch. Here are some photos of the visitors to our bird feeder. We have also found some birds who live by the lake and river at Stratford Park.

KS1 interhouse sports March 2015 (12 images)

Bed time reading event (37 images)

St Barnabas School Visit (33 images)

Year 4 from St Barnabas school came to visit our school. Year 5 shared some fun facts about Stroud and went on a habitat hunt with them.

Red Nose Day 2015 (9 images)

World Book Day 2015 (9 images)

Year 2 so far....... (43 images)

Year 1 Autumn Term 2014 (29 images)

These are some of the activities we undertook over the Autumn term!

Y4 Tudor Banquet (3 images)

Children in Need-November 2014 (1 images)

Chaplaincy Team (2 images)

Happy Diwali (5 images)

YR are celebrating Diwali today

Incy Wincy Spider Hunt (8 images)

Reception Class went on a spider hunt.

Our Alien Class! (15 images)

Skillzone (10 images)

We were lucky enough to go to Skillzone where we took part in a range of real-life scenarios and learnt important safety skills.

The Earth and Beyond (9 images)

Here we are exploring the orbits of the planets.

Our New Outdoor Area (11 images)

YR Outdoor Area

Mrs Savory's Sponsored Bike Ride (2 images)

More Than Dance (3 images)

Dance workshops took place on 7th and 8th July, leading to a performance in church on the afternoon of 8th July. As it was Outdoor Learning Week, some workshops took place outside!

Year 3 Food Tasting (41 images)

We explored some food from different countries around the world. Some of the food was very popular however, some were more of an acquired taste!

Year 3 Corinium Museum (128 images)

Year 3 Holy Communion '14 (26 images)

Year 3 making their Holy Communion June 21 2014

Year 3 Archimboldo (33 images)

Year 3 Angles (16 images)

Y6 Leavers' Mass-Clifton Cathedral (10 images)

Gardening Club (8 images)

Storyteller Chair (5 images)

The amazing tree sculpture created by Dan Hunt, The Artful Carver was unveiled in front of the whole school on Monday 2nd June 2014

Year 6 Morfa Bay 2014 (86 images)

A few pictures from archery, the assault course, caving and coasteering.

Year 2 Photos (37 images)

A selection of photos to show what we have been up to this year

Mosaic Gallery (3 images)

Festomane (8 images)

Y6 pupils taking part in the Greenpower Goblin Challenge

Y5 Victorian Day Images (6 images)

Year 5 Day Out

Year 3 Chronological order (6 images)

We began our history topic by investigating chronological order. The children then put themselves in chronological order from youngest to oldest.

Year Two Gallery (7 images)

Year Two Gallery

Year One Gallery (3 images)

Year One Gallery